They say first-impression matters. So when people land on your website, it’s the design that first interacts with your visitors and lure them to keep browsing on or make them leave your website within a few seconds. And this is where a professional web design company in Lithuania comes into play. Cingant holds the aesthetic quality and efficiency to craft out best design for any online business.

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What We Do


Our team has bagged skills like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Android/iOS, and a lot more . Blend these talents with ecstatic creativity and an incredible understanding of online user behavior. You have an ‘All Service’ agency to escort your brand on the way to stardom. Collectively, our lineup builds an effective branding and marketing strategy. A powerful impact on your customer base is guaranteed when you have a catchy website.


  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic & Infographic Design


  • Web & Application UI/UX Design

  • Brand Creation

  • Brochure Design

  • Hand Drawn Illustration


  • Web Design & Development

  • App Design & Development

  • AR / VR Content Development

  • Print & Package Design

Find the Professional web designers from Vilnius, Kaunas & Klaipeda

  • Because beauty is just skin deep…

  • We strongly believe that it’s only worthwhile when the design pays you off, because ‘beauty is just skin deep’. You can call it an effective website design when it persuades visitors to take your desired action. Our professional UI & UX designers know how to strike right balance between aesthetic and functionality. Our comprehensive view and understanding is what made us a coveted website design service provider in Vilnius, Kaunas & Klaipeda.

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Design Ethics that we follow

Like every other thing, we strictly follow some design ethics to accentuate brand message clearly through designs.

  • Choice definite filtered options: By this, we mean de-cluttering distracting designing elements that would increase the time to take an action on your site. In the age of countless options, our UI & UX configuration is focused on improving choice definite filtered options to help visitors take decision easily.

  • Visual feature hierarchy: Maintaining visual feature hierarchy is important to highlight the most essential item of your business on your website. While setting hierarchy we decide which item your visitors should see first, what is the most common search intent of your audience which feature to come up based on relevant proximity.

  • Demography centred designs: Whenever we design for any company we keep in mind the demographic location it belongs to. For an example, clients from Vilnius would like to focus on the bigger tourism industries. On the other hand, clients of Klaipeda and Kaunas might be targeting rapidly evolving resource industries. The choice might vary but we always focus on bringing out the best fitted concept that helps our clients connect with their local targeted audience.

Our Design Toolkits

  • Wireframes, Prototyping & Mock-Up: There are certain steps we follow before we start our design projects. Wireframing & Prototyping is essentially the two stages we begin with. Wireframing is representing the basic design elements of your final product, whereas our Prototyping represents user interface and its functionality. Mock Up, on the other hand is a high-fidelity representation of design structures, content and visual functionalities in a static way.

  • Mood Boards & Style Tile: Our mood boards are just apt for to make our clients decide easily without getting lost in many options. It comes compiled with wireframes, visual content and aesthetic ideas to best define the look & feel of a website. Our Style tile offers an array of reference visual vocabulary to help you take the final decision.

  • Have questions? If you have any further questions, you can talk to us at- +370 698 29700

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