We believe most business challenges can be solved with a video. It simplifies your brand message that builds an emotional connection with the viewers. A single video can be more powerful than thousands of words. But that single video should make an impact. When you want to add life to your business, you need to talk to a professional video production in Lithuania. Cingant offers the best method of expressing complex business message in a simple way at the minimum of time.

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We create unique videos that make you different

Study shows that more than 75% visitors intended to buy a product only after they saw the video of the company. So looking out in such researches, it’s easy to see why videos are important to any business. Your competitors are selling the same thing you’re offering. It’s only the brand that outstays your product or service. And a story-driven unique video makes it all different for your brand establishment.

Our Services

  • Character / Model Design

  • Rigging

  • Texture Design and Shading

  • Keyframe 3D Animation

  • Rendering

  • Lighting

  • 2D-3D Fx

  • Training Videos

  • VR and AR Video

  • Animation for wearable devices

Types of videos we make

  • Explainer video

  • Commercials

  • Educational videos

  • Tutorial videos

  • Customer testimonials

  • Animated videos

What happens when you consider video production service in Lithuania?

  • You add life to your brand: When a hero conveys your brand message, your words are heard more. Videos have characters that act and share the purpose of your service. Thus, we help your brand to come out life and connect emotionally with the audience.

  • Simplify your complex brand message: We script brand message in a way that is easy to remember. When it’s easy to get lost in myriads of options, our videos leave a lasting impression in the mind of your consumers.

  • Rightly represent your consumers: There’s no point investing time on a video that’s never made for the targeted audience. We understand your business proposition and take personified approach to creating characters that simulate your potential consumers.

  • Convey compelling message: A rightly explained video can make huge impact on your consumers. WE master the art of sharing your brand message in form of story while persuading them to take action for your increased ROI.

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