Unquestionably, without Social media Optimization (SMO) no digital marketing planning is complete. Word of mouth has always been a powerful influential tool. We believe social media platforms are fuelled by word of mouth. Social media has transformed the way people used to communicate a long time ago and now it’s changing the business would.

It’s a golden platform for any business to get into direct contact with customers through sharing business stories and events anytime and anywhere. Getting along with more people means maximizing your business opportunities. And SMO does it effortlessly. When you’re all set for online promotion, a professional SMO service in Lithuania can keep you a step forward to your business goals.

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Social Footprint building in Vilnius, Klaipeda & Kaunas

With more than 85% active social media users, it’s very easy to see how powerful social media platforms are. In the Baltic region, Lithuania owns the highest percentage of active social media users. And most potential users are from bigger regions like Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunas. This means a well-devised social media marketing plan can place your brand rightly amidst your potential customers.

Our social media strategists understand your business goal and find out your unique target audience. We can filter your prospective consumers and ensure no wasted impression.

How we’re embracing the power of social media?

  • Social media market analysis: We begin with performing an in-depth analysis of your targeted audience and the market. We would like to ask you whether you want to target cities like Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunas or want to go international. We would also like to know if you have any channel specific preference. These are the key stage to set up right audience and targeted areas for your business page.

  • Catering to your targeted audience & influencers: We will strategically source your targeted audience out of the zillions of active social media users. Our strategy is to put your brand at the front and centre of influencers or potential people who will indicate interest on your product or service.

  • Social advertising: The game changer. It can turbo boost your online visibility, conversion and lead generation in no time. Our social media strategists follow Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) system that assures you higher ROI.

  • Social posting: Our creative social strategists build content bucket and content bank with right hashtags, images, explainer videos, blogs and graphic. Our copywriters, designers, and marketing strategists work collaboratively to create compelling social posts that make buzz and maximize potential traffic.

  • Reporting: We will keep track on your social media campaign and will generate report based on campaign performance. You can see detailed information about your social media business page and profile performance.

  • Let’s talk... If you’re really interested to know more about how we do social media marketing in Lithuania, you can call us at- +370 698 29700

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