When pay-per-click marketing comes into play, the success of your business completely depends on how effectively you run ad campaigns understanding your customer’s approach towards your service or product. This marketing method displays ad links to the people who already shown interest on your service and the money deducts only when they click on the link. It’s a highly-scalable marketing strategy that generates maximum returns in no time. A professional PPC marketing service provider in Lithuania can maximize your return at the minimum of investment.

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What We Do

  • Hike of relevant traffic.

  • Raise of conversion rate and ROI.

  • Downturn of cost for advertisement.

  • Reducing cost per conversion.

  • Spot the right customers.

  • Specify the right time and frequency of your advertisement.

Why I need PPC service in Lithuania?

Across the great Lithuanian states like Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius, potential customers are searching for same products and service that you offer. Now, the question is, are you getting enough response? If not, then you’re competitor is.

PPC advertising provides immediate result and higher visibility. You can have tangible perspective your advertising graph with assured returns of your investment. Whether you’re new in the market of a seasoned one and lacking enough traffic, PPC would place you on where you want to be in no time!

Our PPC management service in Lithuania includes

  • Google, Bing Yahoo ad campaigns: Google AdWords is the most sought platform for PPC management. Our in-house marketers have holistic view on Google’s paid ad management rules and they know how to optimize ad campaigns that generate maximum conversion. Along with Google Ad service, our team has expertise in running campaigns on Yahoo and Bing.

  • PPC Audit: Our PPC audit report comes with comprehensive data analysis, objectives and forecast performance actions to give you better insights.

  • Social media ad campaigns: Social media ad campaigns are the game changer. With almost 85% active social media users, social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn play major role in churning big amount of conversion. And our social media paid campaigns rightly place your brand among those active potential consumers.

  • Display advertising: Your display ad campaigns will be shown to the visitors who have already indicated interest on your product or service. It will not waste your investment by showing the advertisement to the wrong person.

How do we process our PPC Management service?

We track performances every month so that we can adjust our strategy to keep your ad on top. We will share a monthly report to keep you informed about the returns generated from your investment.

  • Competitor analysis

  • Keyword research

  • Ad campaign strategy

  • Ad creative making

  • Campaign creation

  • Landing page optimization

  • Bid management and monitoring

  • Campaign management

  • ROI tracking

  • Analytical report generate

Whether you want to target major cities in Lithuania like Klaipeda, Vilnius and Kaunas or across the globe, our well-devised PPC campaign will help you expand you reach to your targeted audience at the minimum of investment.

  • Key is in your hand: Yes, you pay when your ad links are clicked. But that doesn’t mean your wallet will drain out for numerous of clicks. We generate in-depth campaign performance report that will help you achieve deeper insights on your investment progress. You can stop your campaigns when you feel you have met your goal.

  • Still not sure? If you have any queries regarding PPC marketing service, give us a call at- +370 698 29700

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