Cingant is a creative digital design and brand building company in Sweden. Our marketing specialists offer a full range of branding techniques, helping you shape and fortify your business personality.

We believe that why some businesses fail to reach to their audience even after having quality standard is because they don’t know how to sell their story. Any two business stories can be alike, but we know how to execute uniquely. Our main focus is to make a great brand identity that your customers love to buy.

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How Our Brand Building in Sweden Works?

We focus on improving business specific communication and marketing methods. Whether the business is developing from the scratch or already developed, our branding procedures are made to measure individual need. Our creative team is always open to listen, speak, manage and create story-driven branding strategy that your people can relate to.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Business service & product research
  • Interviews
  • Channel audits
  • Targeted audience research
  • Positioning and strategy


  • Brand identity generate
  • Logo marking
  • Website design and development
  • Brand architecture
  • Design and written content setting
  • Illustration
  • Video creation


  • Social media integration
  • Social media campaign development
  • Online content bucket
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

What you can expect from our Branding Service in Sweden?

Media Relations:

As an experienced branding service provider in Sweden we know where your targeted customers are flocking to. We build robust marketing approach in positioning your brand to the right channels. We help you connect with the media that host maximum number of your targeted audience.

Brand Reputation management:

If you think branding is all about people talking about your brand then you’re partially wrong. You will only win when you know what your people are talking about your brand. We work on brand reputation management that protects your brand from negative remarks and create a trustworthy image.

Virtual Activation:

Everyone runs marketing campaign, but not everyone can connect with the audience. We offer virtual activation that refers to a brand being more humanized. We create our digital marketing strategy more for human than for devices. Virtual activation helps your business connect with your audience 24x7 through the most effective brand awareness campaigns.

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