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Why Do you think that every successful business needs a mobile app? It’s simple. These days the major browsing is happening over the handpicked device, and the applications are specifically designed to work on mobile devices. That is pretty simple and enjoyable for the customers as well. Our team comprises of skilled app-masters in Design, Development and UX . We can build app for smartphone users that will fulfill their needs. Mobile application development is more about creating the right information architecture, designing lovable UI and building it on robust platform.

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What We Do

App Effectiveness

Our team knows that app is only useful when it simplifies the lives of your user base. We keep an eye on your target consumer and their needs so that we can help them by creating an app to serve their purpose. Our team only thinks about the consumers all through, to provide the best app while designing, developing and UX testing processes. A good app always helps the user to do things easily.

  • Hybrid and Native apps

  • Business Apps

  • Client Server Apps

  • Facebook authenticated Apps

  • Internet of Things (IoT) apps

  • Game Apps

  • Web Integrated Apps

  • Content Management Apps

  • Apple Pay

  • QT

  • Push Notification

  • Retina Display High Resolution Designed Apps

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality apps

Be it Native or Enterprise, we will deliver everything per your budget and need. In these days, everyone wants to everything using their Smartphones!!! Your little pocked devil needs fresh and effective apps to fulfil your needs. We have a bucket full of your cravings. Be it iOS or Android

Process Of Development

We start with a research phase where we define the particulars of an App. Once we are done with that, then we start developing. Let us design the plan and demonstrate our offerings. The final deal is assured as we deliver only after in-house quality testing. It’s a full proved process as you will never find a bug.

An App in Use

Whether you are an Android lover or an apple follower, we can become your trusted partner as we build apps for both environment. We make various apps but we have keen interest to build those which serves business goals. Our team mastered the making of apps which simplifies tasks of users and become their daily needs.

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Technology and process

At Cingant, our prime aim has always been offering value for money without compromising with quality. We cater primarily for two major mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS.

We make use of Microsoft development tool kit which allows us to take the leverage of.NET & C# and simulteneously deploy to android and iOS platforms. Our app can competently interect with both phone and tablet hardware. This actually creates an app that is just perfect for all platforms. This cuts down on the cost and development time.


Cingant's Mobile App Prototype Personality

The prime concern always is understanding the project scope precisely as there lies many stages which on later part might not be delivered perfectly with poor understading. This is where we talk with each other, do brain storming, discuss the feasibility of the app marketing wise and so on. Once done we move onto prototype building and you can finally see things put into real shape.

This prototype is where you point to us what you want to change or add new things if applicable. This actually defines how the final app will look and work. From UI to functionality part everything is discussed and reviewed in this stage.

Cingant's Lifecycle of mobile development

  • Conception – Anything starts with a raw idea. We make sure to refine the whole things and and create a robust base for the app.

  • UI and Design – In this stage we create User Experience (UX) of the app along with the layout and its working mode. Once done, we make the User Interface (UI) of it with the support for UI designer and visualizer.

  • Development Phase – Simply put, the coding and integration is done in this stage. QA is done to eradicate flaws and bugs. Generally before full launch beta phase is shown in the frame.

  • Deployment.


What happens when your Mobile App is live?

We take care of the following:

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights of App Transfer

Ttransfering the full Intellectual Property (IP) Rights of the app to client.

End-to-end App Training

We make sure to offer you full fledged training of the app. Mostly its not required as our apps are crafted for ease of use, but we don't mind few more coffees together.

Continual Support

We offer ongoing support as per the service level agreement (SLA). You can talk to our developers via support.

Reliable Hosting

You can opt for our hosting as its secure, robust and agile.

App Developers from Sweden

App Development Agency for the people with ideas & dream in Malmö & Stockholm catered by Swedish iOS & Android App developers

App Developers from Lithuania

App development agency for next gen solution in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kaunas by Lithuanian speaking iOS & droid mobile app developers

App Development in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kaunas, Lithuania

Vilnius, Klaipėda & Kaunas has always been regarded as a potential investment hub in Lithuania. We at Cingant, take pride in being part of this massive industrial growth and successfully contributing for the digital growth of this country.


If you haven’t yet taken your business into app industry, this is the high time to consider app development in Vilnius. At Cingant, we offer comprehensive software development service suitable for mobile interface and beyond. We believe that every business should be mobile ready to gain maximum online exposure and reach out to potential targeted audience. Having an app for your business means keeping your window open to your customers so that whenever they want your service can avail on their go.

The right process of app development starts with proper research of the project. We build highly-functional app where users can do wide variety of tasks. Whether you’re an avid Apple lover or Android, we can build apps for both of these platforms. Once you sign up with us, you can see your project getting life.

Our developers will sit with you or they will have initial consultation to get your requirements chalked out properly. They will help you have the idea of your project through wire-framing. It redefines the scope of your work and recommends necessary implementations. Prototyping, on the flip side, is imperative stage of development simulates actual mobile application functionalities, giving you easier access to check mistakes and performance. Mistakes after this stage could be costly so we make sure to crosscheck before we launch the app.


We are a well-regarded app development agency in Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius specialized in working on highly competent software development procedures. As a reliable agency, we strive to create sleek mobile presence for your business website. Our prime aim has always been increasing your ROI. Whether you want to invest on iOS or Android, we will focus on giving you maximum value of your money- we make sure it will perform great in your niche market.

There are few things that have made us stand out in the crowd:

  • Being a reliable app development agency we believe that ‘not one size fits all’. This is why we focus precisely on every business and come out with suitable mobile ready software development process.

  • We will help you obtain assured design, development and deploy mobile ready solution in a secured way.

  • Our UI and UX team strives to bring out innovation which helps our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Our tailor made technical solution is designed to make your business app more functional.

Mobile application development is more than building beautifully looking app but increasing convenient user experiences. Cingant is committed to deliver robust mobile application development solution for all major platforms.

Quality Resource

If you’re looking for experienced app developers we are the place to go. At Cingant, we host a pool of highly experienced industry leaders having hands on working with international brands. They are the technical co-founders of a brand who constantly assist a business to retain in the market with string technology backup.

Our app developers know how to modify UX and UI codes to create unbeatable mobile experience. There are times when most mobile users download app and end up deleting it in few days and in most worst case-in few seconds. Our experienced app developers can foresee app performance. Once a project served up on their plate they start off by regular conversation with client. From conceptualization to completion, our reliable Lithuanian app developers will keep you updated about the process.

App Development in Malmö & Stockholm, Sweden

Malmö and Stockholm are being conceived as the leading destinations in Sweden. Adding to that, Cingant is happily playing its part by contributing dynamic digital solution to the industry.


Cingant specializes in offering iOS and android app development service. Our expert developers have hands on industry experience in delving deep into codes and design to create super functional apps for businesses.

Our main focus is to understand business precisely and the scope that can be enhanced through the app which will deliver great end result. What made our app development a sought after service is the process that we follow. Our strategic competence development helps attract your audience and keep them glued. We build our apps based on contextual and behavioral approaches that are well-respondent to both iOS and Android platform.

From conceptualizing, wire-framing to market submission, we do everything to build highly-functional app. We host multi-channel testing process to make sure it has no operational glitches. Once we’re done with our basic development stages, we focus on prototyping where you can actually see your demo version of app and its functionality. It helps you explore the application and lets you decide the changes you want to make. Prototyping is the second final stage of launching the app. So wherever you feel changes to be done, we’re always ready to get it done before the final delivery.


As a leading app development agency in Malmo, we offer second to none digital solution for smart mobile and beyond. As a digital organization we are committed to client satisfaction- we’re happy when our client is.

If you wonder who would be the best app development agency in Stockholm, we will take pride in taking our name, because

  • We host a pool of digital thought leaders having comprehensive knowledge in the field. We always stay ahead of the trends through bringing in great innovations.

  • Our development process is data driven that means while in the process of development you will get in touch with our project manager who will let you see the metrics being incorporated in the process. Key will be always in your hand.

  • Customized development enhances functionality of your mobile application, giving your business more scope to provide user centric service.

  • We can develop app strategy for everyone that can boost an uncompelling startup foundation to revenue generating system.

We not only believe in giving your imagination a digital shape that is feasible on smart devices but also creating a lovable experience through it. With over the year we have been providing meaningful app experiences to many small and large scale businesses.

Quality Resource

Cingant would love to be your reliable app developer. Our in-house dedicated developers have been working closely with each client to understand their project requirement properly.

Our developers are high profile technical executives having experience working with giant global clients. They can achieve anything imaginable digitally; at least they can persist in the process to deliver what is being asked for.

Like everything else we do, our app development service is just made to measure our client’s goal. It takes smart intuition and perseverance to bring out cutting-edge technology. And our team boasts of having equal amount of skill needed to develop your business application. From scratch to creation of the app, our reliable Swedish app developers will keep you updated about the process.

Get the best suite of app development tools & frameworks from the house of Cingant that makes us offer top-notch iOS and Android apps at least turnaround time. This adds agility to the ADLC and cuts down on the expenditure part.

The Key

The user friendly interface with customisable CMS is the base of any app success that we provide. We do media and content updates in all app platforms.

Smart App Url

One-click mobile app downloading. There is no need for using email or web for downloading via multi-platform.

Application Commerce

A robust framework used for delivering fine mobile commerce apps. Retail experience redefined.


Experinced in multi-components for catering to any industry needs. Our app development process complements your future digital endeavours.

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