Cash Management Equipment Portal

Strong Point offers retailers a comprehensive and integrated technological solution that ensures increased productivity and improved in-store shopping experience. They mainly offer cash management, self-service, loss prevention, electronic labeling and electronic suits for improved store operations. And they also have dedicated wing which is focused on Bank Neutralization System technology for secured cash logistics it keeps the assets safe without the need of expensive protection.


Increased ROI through Paid Ad Service

Strong Point was looking for an integrated online promotion strategy that will bring up a steady flow of conversion, analyze the audience behavior and response as well as the optimization should put their name on top of the paid advertisement list. They were mainly targeted the financial sectors such as banks, ATM and decision makers of retail industry in Germany and Italy.


Conversion focused Pay-Per-Click

Our objective of this campaign is to increase conversion rate and make larger targeted audience aware of their product and service. We have been following a comprehensive paid marketing strategy which is designed to assess the audience behavior and showcase advertisement based on the search intent. Our strategy includes in-depth audience research to analyze how best to reach larger targeted mass. It includes launching different landing pages that need to constantly optimize with specific set of keywords that the targeted audience use to search similar products.


The campaign is covering the entire region of Germany and Italy and the volume of the business from this strategy continues to grow.

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