Why Node.js Continue To Be Trending For Development In The Year 2020

Node.js Development

Published January 06,2020 3 months ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Both artificial intelligence and JavaScript language have together impacted the software development industry.

A study by Gartner found that total global expenditure of the IT sector is expected to cross $3.8 trillion with a 3.2% rise in comparison to the expenditure in the previous year.

The demand for full-stack developers is going to rise in the coming years and will continue thereafter.

Node.js with its combination of numerous tools, libraries and helpers will assist you in the making of better web applications. It offers a strong web platform to create and secure your online presence.

There is a continuous growth in Node.js development, yielding numerous frameworks that will make it a leader in 2020.

We are a mobile app development agency in Lithuania and here we present you reasons that make Node.js the future in the development of web and applications. Let’s start by discussing the top Node.js Frameworks.

Top Node.js Frameworks

With its numerous frameworks, Node.js expected to play a lead role in the sphere of web development, for the year 2020. With its open-source, JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js works from the browser and is popular among the developers in western countries and is marching forward globally.

Node.js advantages:

  • It is economically beneficial
  • It can reduce downtime
  • It has a quick response time in comparison to any other framework with the same efficiency.
  • Cost-effective

Here, we share the popular Node.js frameworks that have made it a success in 2019 and continue to take the lead in 2020.


Ranked as the 11th most popular framework and with over 41K Github stars, Express.js is a popular, flexible and fast platform that offers excellent features for both web and app development for the phones. With an amazing API, it eases coordination between front end developers and database and assists in working efficiently and hassle-free. Being an open-source community, this is an excellent enabler in development.


This helps to build up a highly scalable app. With its strong base in TypeScript, this is hugely used in app development using Angular. With a highly flexible usage base, better interface and a lesser downtime in comparison to other options for that domain.


This framework is highly popular with about 40K Github stars and is quite simple and a user-friendly node.js framework. It has high compatibility with Android, iOS or Desktop. With its vast and diverse set of libraries and packages, this is best suited for the purpose and with its testing equipment, highly purposeful for debugging.


A small version but with a huge foundation builder for APIs and web applications. Being highly flexible helps you meet your purpose as you wish to.  With about 28K Github stars, it has a good user base. With its need for lesser codes, it proves highly efficient.

The essential features that make Node.js ready for 2020

Node.js has added effectiveness and productivity to development and helps in meeting the client’s requirements.

Here we share a few features that made Node.js well equipped for the coming year as well.

  1. Elimination of server and hardware

This is a big advantage indeed from factors that determine performance. It saves money, reduces the time of execution and therefore more effective in development. With an improvement in project quality, there is a lowering of project costing and also flexibility in using the codes.

  1. Micro-services

This helps to increase code maintenance by functioning to support the no-server approach and enhances effectiveness in projects.

  1. Reusable

One framework can be sued for numerous applications.

  1. Scalable

This is performance-based and improves the scalability and speed of a project. Another advantage is that only codes with error must be changed leaving the entire code structure as it is.

  1. Real-time applications

They regularly are used for real-time applications. These apps need strong backend and platforms like Node.js suffice these needs.

  1. Cloud-based solutions

When planning to build an app from scratch and to deploy it into the cloud, Node.js adds efficiently in the making. With no dependencies on servers, this adds in its effectiveness.

  1. IoT advantage

To get real-time knowledge and tracking, Node.js helps in building IoT based applications.

How Node.js is a promise for 2020?

  1. It has simple and variant features and it serves a purpose in both the vertical and horizontal positions.
  2. With its capabilities and uses, Node.js is easy to learn and apply.
  3. It is the most advanced framework for full-stack software development.
  4. It is high performing and powered by the Google V8 engine.
  5. With an open-source and huge community, troubleshooting during development is easy and fast.
  6. This is used in the diverse development of applications.

What we have learned is that there are numerous advantages with Node.js, as it saves both money and time. It is a great platform to work with client-based requirements. This platform has brought out immense digital transformation and helped many organizations to take advantage of the technology.

Well, to conclude that Node.js is gaining major significance with its features and prospects. More and more global business is making a profit of this platform. The frameworks come with a promise of growth. You must think about it if yet not considered for the same.