Why Kotlin Would Replace Java for Androids?

Kotlin Replace Java : Android App Development

Published January 02,2019 1 year ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Java and Kotlin are the common languages used for writing Android Apps by Google. There is huge significance to programming languages, as it might reduce both money and time. When working with a customized Android application, an advanced technology is always of advantage. To say, the mobile app development  is expecting a good transition with Kotlin for Androids.

When talking about Android app development, the programming language that we think about first is Java. Though there are other programming languages, Java is the most used one. You can make Android app in any language and after compilation, can run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

In this blog, we shall discuss Kotlin and how to use it for Android development. With some comparisons between Java and Kotlin, it is found that Kotlin has more advantages than Java.

Here, know about the reasons why to choose Java over Kotlin:

Coding is Easy

Kotlin is an easy language and a developer from OOP domain knows about its syntax. And this language is easily understood by beginners and experienced programmers.

Kotlin requires 20% less coding in comparison to Java. java being little outdated, new launches require to support features which were present earlier and with this increases coding. This eventually increases coding. While codes in Kotlin are more compact than that written in Java.

Best Approach

Being easy programming has its own advantages and drawbacks. The question is why this approach! Kotlin yields best by combining both the procedural and functional programming.


With fewer codes there are lesser bugs and errors. Developers don’t need to spend much time on writing codes and bug fixing. With less time consuming, developers just love it. As Kotlin offers numerous benefits, to the developers, it’s always a wise idea.

Android Studio Support

Android Studio has a brilliant support for Kotlin. There will be no problem of understanding with your IDE, compiling and running Kotlin Code, once Kotlin is all set for Android Studio. After configuration of Kotlin for Android Studio, the complete Java source file can be converted into Kotlin file.

Should I switch to Kotlin?

If you are thinking of switching to Kotlin, then yes that would be a good idea, owing to its several benefits. Programmers can inter-operate Kotlin and Java, by carrying out work with old java projects using Kotlin. Whatever is written in Kotlin can be easily adopted by Java. To say, most Java frameworks are available in Kotlin.

Technically it is difficult to predict situations and it is similar to mobile app development and there must be more changes in the programming language, platform, and technology with time.

Let’s consider a situation where you are working with an outsource team and suddenly, your project requires an in-house team, then to find a solution, you need to switch from Java to Kotlin. JetBrains also created Java-Kotlin converter to help in such situations.

But, Kotlin like other languages has its own drawbacks. Converting, Java to Kotlin would painful and all functions cannot be converted. Then you might realize, continuing to work with Java is better. The possibility of language switching also depends on the project size.

  • If you are working with a small project without any complex architecture, Kotlin is preferable.
  • If you are working with a medium project, of duration 5-6 months, it is convenient to switch into Kotlin
  • If you are working with a large project, of duration, over a year, then it is impossible to convert Java into Kotlin.

Final Thoughts

The best thing would be to work with developers using same language and frameworks as previous projects, and in case of change is inevitable, it is best to go with the trend and choose Kotlin over Java. Chances are that Kotlin might target Mac and iOS as well and get compiled to JavaScript for web development. But the best way to code for Android concisely is Kotlin and the iOS App Developers in Lithuania, are adapting fast to this language.

What are you practicing? What is your approach? Leave us your insights in the comments section below.