Why hiring a technology team in Eastern Europe is a better idea

Published July 22,2017 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Eastern Europe is now the hot bed of technological development and companies interested in riding on the high waves of technology are looking towards this part of the world. The region is attracting more and more businesses for the perk it provides in the form of highly dependable products with top notch quality, closeness to Western Europe, cultural resemblance, business environment, and advanced skills to handle complicated projects.

But, there are more benefits that the businesses are deriving by hiring technology teams in Eastern Europe for their app development projects. Let us check out some more compelling reasons:

  • Skilled Technical Professionals. Approximately 50% of the central and eastern European countries in the age of 30 are qualified tech specialists and engineers. This is no surprise as the region has always laid emphasis on science and technology and has always been the front runner in the field. For a company wanting to incorporate the newest technologies or invest in high quality R&D can always be assured of the availability of the talent pool.
  • Innovation and Creativity. Affordability and speed are usually the prime focus for companies, but lack of innovation can hardly make a project success for it will fail to make an appeal to the users for its lack of creativity. App developers in the Eastern Europe are gaining popularity for their capabilities to provide incredible creative inputs that can bring overwhelming success to even an average app idea.
  • Secure apps. App security is the major concern and cannot be ignored at all. Technology teams in Eastern Europe can provide high quality security solutions for your applications. Most of these companies are situated in countries that are part of the European Union and have to follow the Data Protection Act and strict standards of the EU set for the assurance of high quality work.
  • Low cost. Outsourcing your project to a technology team in Eastern Europe can help you cut up to 50 % of your development cost. Additionally, businesses can enjoy high quality products owing to the experience and skill of the technical teams that work in a highly competitive environment.
  • Time Zones. Eastern European countries have time difference of only 1-2 hours with UK and Western European countries. This makes collaboration easy and fast. Due to little difference in time, it is feasible for the parties to meet in person for signing agreements or making important deals.

The motive behind outsourcing technology based projects is mainly to lower operational costs, overcome talent shortages, channelize company resources on core business functions and step up company growth. By hiring a technology team in Eastern Europe you can secure all the benefits quite easily.