Why a web design company will always be a better choice over a freelancer

Published July 23,2017 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With a web design company you can access the best skills, latest technology, quality infrastructure and a team that will be dedicated to your project. Compared to freelancers, web design companies are expensive, but once you hire an experienced company with proven track record, you can expect the best results. Before you hire a web design company learn about the benefits you can derive compared to hiring a freelancer:

  • A company is a powerhouse of specialists where your project is divided into parts. These parts are assigned to the concerned specialists who work on their assigned tasks and polish them with their skills.

Compared to this, a freelancer is a one man army who has to handle everything alone. It is difficult for them to handle the tasks and meet the deadlines. So, there are chances that they may outsource certain parts of your work to someone who is less skilled.

  • Working in teams, web design companies always have people extra manpower and resources at hand to combat death, disease and even natural calamities. They have solid planning to ensure smooth progress of work and strategy to eliminate the odds. Deadlines are sacred; so, come hell or high water, your project will be delivered on time.

With a freelancer, however, a project can come to a grinding halt in case of any unforeseen situation.

  • The hiring process of a company is complex and involves several phases. Only those who have the skills to cater to the highly competitive market find place in a reputed company. As a result one can find different people excelling in different things and their collective passion and concentrated efforts ensure the best possible results.

In case of a freelancer, the complete onus of screening the right candidate lies on you. If you make a wrong choice, it won’t be easy to compensate for the lost time and money.

  • Quality control is taken seriously by a company that cares for its reputation. There are rigorous checklists that render the development process flawless. This is possible because of the collective effort invested by the best minds. They have adequate resources and knowledge in place to ensure whatever they do— they do it correctly, the very first time.

With limited knowledge and resources, a freelancer is much more likely to make mistakes and may have fewer means to correct the errors.

  • Companies guard their reputation fiercely. They know their sound reputation is the sole means of attracting more clients. It is only obvious that they will leave no stones unturned to have a happy client. Poor reviews and bad ratings can completely erase their chance of growing and becoming successful.

Freelancers face no such risk as they are not exposed to review sites like Glassdoor and Trustpilot. Freelancers are known by few people and in most cases their work goes unnoticed.