Top IT Trends and Predictions For 2018

IT Trends 2018

Published September 03,2018 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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If you are a tech geek then you must be interested in IT predictions. Data and technologies are evolving and that would continue as well. 2017 witnessed both interesting and awful stories. You can’t expect anything different in 2018 and the future awaits with many more exciting IT trends.

Here are the top IT predictions for 2018:

AI and Machine Learning to reshape business strategies

Today, machine learning and deep learning are getting widespread recognition. For instance, Google’s Tensor Flow Library or Amazon’s GPUs. Improved  Machine learning algorithms signify better implementations of AI. 2018 can witness better text, visuals and voice recognition to help with modern technologies.

IoT and Edge Computing

Edge computing refers to the advanced technology for on-device processing and analytics of this highly connected world.

As per Gartner, 95% of new products would use IoT in any form by 2020.


2018 will witness good usage of IoT and the increasing impact of Edge Computing. Edge computing allows better IoT applications. This Technology can improve finding and recognizing obstacles, face identification, the capacity of language processing and security procedures. The two of the technologies is a revolutionary pair and going to impact more in coming years too.

Blockchain Technology to bring new opportunities in various sectors

Both the ideas of Blockchain technology and digital coins have surprised everyone. The digital landscape with its usage of crypto currency is already gaining significance. Though some think that there will be a fall in crypto whereas, others consider it the future.

Digital Workspaces

With Facebook offering Workspace services since last year but there are more revolutionizing aspects to be witnessed for the same. This can shape the offices and infrastructure of future. The major changes to witness are:

  • Better digital communications for real-time collaborations
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device) to BYOA (Bring your own App)
  • Infrastructure for video-conferencing and application

DaaS (Data as a Service)

This is a very new and emerging thing to interest the tech savvies. Data is essential for technologies. Data is essential in every small & big business and some has restricted libraries too. Real-time data streaming from cloud storage comes as a solution. And the businesses have realized this fact and hence DaaS is emerging fast.

Augmented Reality

You have already seen the craze of Pokemon Go among the gamers! 3D Gaming and Virtual Reality started trending and is gaining popularity and is one of the most strong contenders among the top information technologies of 2018.

Bots and Robots

AI bots are becoming powerful in 2018. And with this will be replaced the unrealistic scripts which are used in online chat systems on commercial websites. And robotics will continue to remain interesting. There are more interesting inventions in the making, seeing robots walking on the could be obvious.

New and upcoming approaches in cyber security

With lack of proper Cyber security, 2017 witnessed several cyber attacks. This resulted in the need for secured networks, strict rules for cyber ethics, increased privacy and strong security systems.  And if this is well implemented several technologies like IoT, Blockchain and many growing technologies will emerge faster.

It is obvious that the year 2018 is quite promising for technological innovations. With faster and accurate Machine Learning and AI applications, there will be many more technological developments. And with emerging technologies, there would be probable cyber threats too, but with innovative methods and solutions, they can be curbed. But it’s undeniable that, the upcoming changes would be real-time and amazing technological solutions.

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