The Importance of User Testing In Product Development

User Testing In Web Development

Published June 28,2019 9 months ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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A product’s success lies in the user’s satisfaction. Every entrepreneur knows it and it adds to the challenge to know user requirements and provide satisfactory experiences. Early feedbacks are always good and essential. Product development cannot occur singly. For a successful product launch, you will require a good seller/distributor and most important of all the buyers.

Here, in this post will tell how to can enhance the chances that their products are welcomed with warm appreciations.


Interviews and surveys can provide an insight into what is important from the user’s perspective. But, many times it appeared that humans don’t behave as a prior prediction when a situation arises. Interviews and surveys can give essential information but product delivery alone cannot rely on them.

Here, behavioral psychology is insightful. Several times, science showed that people behave in specific manners and as a product developer, you can take benefit of those patterns. But, this is not the only solution. It can just guide you about user behavior but will not offer 100% certainty.

Why user testing at all?

In short, to get better insights and help in better product designing which will create resonance among users. These techniques actually frame a strong base for users.  Once the product development is over, this helps to find out, if hypothetical expectations meet real needs. In case not, the developer team must come up with newer adoptions.

Experts say that interviews, surveys, and behavioral designing will fetch you just 80% satisfaction over your product. But with user testing, you get there well, as you will learn how users will interact with products under real situations and learn about flaws in your hypothesis if any.

Common problems you can avoid with user testing:

  • Broken links
  • Site errors on page
  • Grammatical and spelling errors in content
  • Poor design layout
  • Inconsistent branding message
  • Potential user errors

Role of User Testing in Product Development

From Visually.

How will user testing help you?

When you have decided to perform a user testing, next you must decide how to proceed. Two key things to do and gain the most with user testing:

  1. Craft personas
  2. Decide how to proceed
  3. Craft personas

Nothing is specific as a user. Any product will have numerous users and they will vary in their using the product. In order to keep up with every kind of user requirements, what you must do is create personas are compound representations of that allows you to understand expectations of every group and provide better final products.

The question is how to create your personas. Here your insights and information that you gained from interviews and surveys will help you create the models. Make sure, that your personas are made of real data you obtained from the users and not just assumptions.

The personas you created will tell you, whom to consider for participation in user testing. And you have to collect people accordingly and do the testing.

  1. Decide how to proceed

Every product has numerous functions that users will perform regularly. You can identify those functions by observing your personas. You will what they require. How each of them will use the product and under what situations?

Next, you have to list them and create a checklist for testing. Though you may test extra functions as well, the functions in the list will hold top priority.

User testing tips you must know:

You must be curious if there are any specific testing tips? the answer is yes.

We are a web development company in  Lithuania and share with you, a few tips on how to conduct user testing and obtain maximum benefits. Here we go.

  1. Testing in the native environment of users

The best approach of user testing is to perform the testing in their native environment.  This will give accurate results owing to their real conditions and you can grasp the idea about, how they function the product. This will give the exact inputs and idea.

  1. Encourage verbal submission of feedback

Verbal feedback is always significant. Your knowledge about their likes and performances will help you create a better product. This will help in customization, with an understanding of real-time expectations.

It is always a wiser option to carry out user testing from insights with interviews, surveys, and behavioral science and save yourself from unwanted spending and wastage of time associated with redesigning.

  1. Make sure the users are in a relaxed state of mind

To have your users naturally interact with the product, assure that they are functioning under no stress.  Maintain transparency by telling them prior that the sessions would be recorded, so that they don’t take up with surprises, later.

User testing helps the development team to work on problems before they reach the end users. The earlier these bugs are found and fixed, lesser expansive it gets for the client and has a smooth process with product development. User testing is an essential task in a project’s scope to ensure a successful product launch.

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