How The New iOS 12 Features Impacts Your iPhone App Development

Published January 16.2019 Posted By Admin

The release of latest iOS 12 in September 2018 has both overwhelmed and added little worry for iOS app developers. The reason of overwhelm is that with iOS 12 incorporated devices will have 50% faster keyboard display,  40% faster launch of apps and 70% fast in launching the camera app, can set app limitations, and comes with a new type of USDZ file. The reason of worry is that with new features there will be new user choices, which will impact business needs, and consequently impact the iOS app development. Apple’s iOS 12 is critical in the era of Google Pixel 3 launch ...

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Kotlin Replace Java : Android App Development

Why Kotlin Would Replace Java for Androids?

Published January 02.2019 Posted By Admin

Java and Kotlin are the common languages used for writing Android Apps by Google. There is huge significance to programming languages, as it might reduce both money and time. When working with a customized Android application, an advanced technology is always of advantage. To say, the mobile app development  is expecting a good transition with Kotlin for Androids. When talking about Android app development, the programming language that we think about first is Java. Though there are other programming languages, Java is the most used one. You can make Android app in any language and after compilation, can run on the ...

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AI in Social Media: App Development

Can AI Filter Hate Talk in Social Media?

Published December 18.2018 Posted By Admin

If you are present in various social media platforms, you will know there are several people spilling hate talk. Will, it is not a good idea to have an AI that could filter the pattern of hate talk on social media? This would really help web users from trauma and emotional sufferings. After the recent announcement by Mark Zuckerberg several discussions are back to the debate. It is about artificial intelligence which can filter toxic speech in recent future.  So is it possible for AI to filter toxic conversation? Well, till now AI doesn't hold a good record in recognition and refraining ...

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Age-Responsive Design & Development

Reasons to Opt for Age-Responsive Designing and Development

Published December 10.2018 Posted By Admin

Age-responsive designing and development are gaining grounds and this not only concentrates on the site's appearances, but how it functions, the type of content it displays, and how useful it is for users. Just talking about age-responsive designs, it is going to be a huge deal breaker, not only from sales opportunity. It would serve the users first, and then comes the marketers. To understand the target audience is significant to develop a site, but simply targeting the audience is not all, the age-responsive design gives new user experiences. We are a company for app development and designing in Lithuania and ...

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