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How an Ecommerce App Can Help Your Business?

Published October 14.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

The terminologies like Shopaholic, Shopping Spree, Fashionista, have all made way and with all pleasure, let's thanks to the various social media platforms for leveraging the fact that people love to buy, irrespective of time and place. And what could be convenient to the 24/7 shoppers? An eCommerce app! With a touch of digitalization, many offline stores are trying their luck online and are witnessing immense success. And smartphones have made eCommerce easy and fast. Let's see what statistics and data have to say: Predictions say that the digital buyers will reach the count by 2 billion at the end of ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Mobile App Development

Is Artificial Intelligence In Businesses A Good Idea?

Published September 16.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

It started in association with science fictions and has now become commonplace in our day to day lives. Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence and that has received a mainstream acceptance in our society. Today, businesses are taking advantage of this technology in making innovations and also to improve business operations. This blog will discuss if AI is the right choice for your business. Today, the integration of AI for both businesses and governments across various industries is a top priority. AI and machine learning together are changing the business environment and delivering new opportunities with smart automated products. But, this ...

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Python The Future Of Programming Language

Is Python The Future Of Programming Language?

Published July 25.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

Is Java dying out? No. But Python is gaining popularity with passing years. Both have own advantages and limitation and each of the technology is worth knowing. Let's find out more. Though you learn to code with HTML, to develop a better and sophisticated app or software, you need a more advanced programming language. Both Java and Python are the competing languages, owing to their efficiency and scope for automation. They have their own merits and demerits, with one main difference is that Java is typed statically and Python is typed dynamically. They have similarities in having brilliant cross-platform support and uses ...

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User Testing In Web Development

The Importance of User Testing In Product Development

Published June 28.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

A product's success lies in the user's satisfaction. Every entrepreneur knows it and it adds to the challenge to know user requirements and provide satisfactory experiences. Early feedbacks are always good and essential. Product development cannot occur singly. For a successful product launch, you will require a good seller/distributor and most important of all the buyers. Here, in this post will tell how to can enhance the chances that their products are welcomed with warm appreciations. Introduction Interviews and surveys can provide an insight into what is important from the user's perspective. But, many times it appeared that humans don't behave as a ...

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