Sweden Is Now A Prominent Nation In The Global AI Race

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Published November 01,2018 3 months ago Posted By Admin

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In the global race of AI, Sweden is set to become a leader.  Sweden’s government has prioritized the development of artificial intelligence and its application, with a claim that the technology can catalyze the nation’s welfare and competitiveness.

Sweden always enthusiast about new technologies, whether it is about blockchain and crypto currency, offering digital classes for kids or online interaction with the government, the people of Sweden are eager to embrace new developments and advances.

Sweden now joined the AI race of 7 nations

And it is not surprising when Sweden has joined the AI race of 7 countries which includes, China, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and the USA

The government has recognized,  AI and machine learning as an area of priority for the development of the country and march towards its competitiveness and welfare. It has announced joint plans with other Baltic and Nordic nations for promoting the region as a global AI leader.

We at Cingant, an app development company in Stockholm, articulated this, as AI is a big thing now and Sweden is all optimistic about it, in every possible technological aspects.

WASP to Bridge The Gap Between Theory And Practice

Companies are experimenting AI and machine learning on almost everything, but there is need to understand the theory before any application. But the opposite being witnessed. There is increasing application of AI without adequate focus on its theoretical aspects; said Wahlberg, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)  said. He also added that there is a big gap between what can be done and is understood.

To bridge the gap, Wahlberg is part of the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), which is ”Sweden’s largest-ever individual research program.”

Wahlberg focuses on creating safe and auto-driving heavy vehicles with Swedish truck maker Scania. He said that auto-driving vehicles are not yet there if talking about the prediction of actions of drivers or movements of pedestrians and cyclists. He also said that a part of the research which he finds lacking,  should include consideration of several ways, bad people can make use of AI for bad purposes.

As big global car-makers are focusing on the anatomy of their own cars, WASP’s concern is with the complete ecosystem, in consideration with how self-driving vehicles will function in an environment.

And because of this complexity, Wahlberg says that it is impossible to know what an AI revolution would mean for Sweden and the world.

An Eco-friendly Approach

Besides, Sweden’s efforts to make itself a leader in AI revolution but, it also has a significant motive to go green.

It is found that the various data centers in 2016, used global energy about 416 terawatts — and is expected to double in every four years.

Presently, the Swedish data center sector is growing by 14 percent per year and there is no sign to slow down. And the concern is how to combine high energy output with sustainability.  To make the industry positive for climate,  the data centers must be located in areas of major access to sustainable energy, otherwise, the industry cannot make contributions to a sustainable future, said Christoffer Svanberg of the Lulea-based Node Pole.

Node Pole intends that other tech companies must follow suit, mainly as there are  AI’s enormous data center and need for energy consumption.

Svanberg said that, in Sweden, there are huge amounts of green energy which are carbon-neutral. There are a huge grid and heat reuse systems needed for handling data centers and the establishment of data centers in Sweden,  is good for both the environment and the company.

He also made mention about Greenpeace’s yearly ‘Click Clean’ report which keeps a record of the commitments of tech industries on renewable energy. In this regards, Netflix and Sweden’s own Spotify got very poor markings in the latest report.

Svanberg also said that he doesn’t think the giants and big names like Google would abandon Silicon Valley to take up a location in Sweden but said that the Netflixes and the Googles across the world must consider Sweden for their business expansion owing to its clean energy.

Svanberg is quite positive with his expectations on AI and the way it will change the future, in a positive way.

General Expectations From AI and Robotics

An European Commission survey found that 80 percent of the people of Sweden are optimistic about AI and robotics.

Svanberg is also more desiring than Wahlberg to foretell the future of AI saying, for instance, within a span of ten years most of the call center employees would get replaced by computerized robots and would take calls that it would be beyond understanding, that they are machines and not humans.

He said that the AI revolution is happening and cannot be stopped, and Sweden must be a major player.

Also to mention that AI is doing great in the sector of app development in Stockholm and the entire nation.