Reasons to Opt for Age-Responsive Designing and Development

Age-Responsive Design & Development

Published December 10,2018 1 year ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Age-responsive designing and development are gaining grounds and this not only concentrates on the site’s appearances, but how it functions, the type of content it displays, and how useful it is for users. Just talking about age-responsive designs, it is going to be a huge deal breaker, not only from sales opportunity. It would serve the users first, and then comes the marketers.

To understand the target audience is significant to develop a site, but simply targeting the audience is not all, the age-responsive design gives new user experiences. We are a company for app development and designing in Lithuania and this blog has been articulated to share insights about age responsive designing.

The trends in video games change owing to the user’s choice and ease. Online campaigns shift according to users. The same approach is taken to develop your site based on the user’s preferences.

What kind of development and design elements to prioritize?

The target audience that follows your company, you must focus on them while creating your site. To mention, the target audience falls in various ranges of age limits and hence your design must not keep all of them in mind and don’t abandon any.

Design Aesthetics: In just 0.05 seconds, visitor’s visitors create an opinion about the site and whether to stay or not. This says impression is created even before fully exploring.

Layout Preferences: The visitors land on sites which can hold and influence user’s impression within 2.6 seconds. The moment you grasp this idea, you win.

Expandable menus are good for younger generations, while the hidden menu might not suit the taste of older generations and rather create confusion.

Fonts and choices:  Fonts should be such that it influences your audience within 15, so it must be anything plain. You need to focus also on what is the content. A well written and properly edited content can resonate with your target audience. A big font is a good choice for older audiences and also the space between sentences must also be considered for older audiences.

Choice of colors: We have very influenced light and colors and there is a correlation of likeness for colors and age. For instance, young audiences love brighter colors with saturated hues, while older audiences prefer muted shades, they love soft pastels.

Content Choice: Now while deciding the content and the information you are sharing, you must keep in mind both the old and new generations. Their preferences vary and their choices too.

Video or Texts:  Nowadays, people mostly love to watch videos no matter in which age group. When you create the content, keep in mind both the formats.

Multiple clicks or scrolling: Studies show that children within the age of 3-12 years of age enjoy clicks, and not scrolling. But, users above 18 years of age, prefer scrolling. For the later, multiple clicks must be avoided.

Also, you must keep in mind the patience limits of visitors.  The younger generations have very little patience when it comes to exploring the sites. If they don’t find what they need, they fast move on.  Over the age of 25, people are a little patient and has a span of about 5.94 seconds of attention on the main image of a page and about 47 percent of users wants the site’s loading time to be below 2 seconds, though nothing to rely on that patience.

Concluding thoughts

When you are making your site, the first thing you need to keep in mind is your audience force and their preferences. You need to have a proper strategy and plans to build it, targeting the age of the visitors or your target audience.  You have put into sufficient time to understand your traffic and make efforts to generate leads.  The iOS and Android app developers in Lithuania are extensively considering this perspective in application development. What is your say?