Google App Engine

Google App Engine Enhances Performance at Reduced Cost

Published November 19.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

Google App Engine is a PaaS Platform which allows developers and businesses to make use of Google's scalable hosting and A 1 Internet service. You need to write applications in Java or Python, store data in Google BigTable and make use of Google query language. Applications that do not comply with the same, must get modified to use the App Engine. This App Engine provides huge infrastructure in comparison to other hosting services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and enables to create scalable applications. In ten years, Google App Engine has evolved with changes and specifications. Let's know about them in ...

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Ionic Framework For PWA

Why Ionic Framework is Gaining Popularity for PWA Development?

Published November 13.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

Created by Google in the year 2015, Progressive web apps or commonly known as PWAs are websites designed with both native mobile applications and traditional websites. The best thing about PWAs is that they can work both offline and online, and incredibly perform that combines the best of websites and mobile applications and easy installation in the user’s device. The offline mode of PWAs ensures both speed and performance and with no delay. PWAs have been used by Flipkart, Alibaba, and Google, among a few to say. To mention, more and more businesses are now building PWAs in place of native ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence And Future Predictions

Published November 06.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

In the next few minutes, you will be either, amazed, amused, frightened, or lost in thoughts on knowing about future predictions of the near future of AI. PwC has revealed a report in an Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC), this year, held in Tianjin, China. PwC reported 8 essential AI predictions for the future which would shape various business strategies. PwC carried out own research and experiences to write the report, about the future that AI holds for an exciting and at times, anxiety-creating technology. The 8 near- future predictions for Artificial Intelligence: AI is to challenge the employers ...

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Popular AngularJS Frameworks elopment

What are the AngularJS Frameworks Needed for App Development

Published October 25.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

There have been continuous developments in the AngularJS framework, a client-side framework, and a very popular structured framework to develop dynamic one- page applications. Being introduced by Google in the year 2012, it has a huge multinational corporate support. The angular framework supports various platforms because most of the features permit decoupling of an app logic from the Document Object Model or DOM manipulation. Owing to several efficient features of AngularJS framework, it happens to be a better option for most businesses, mainly for app development. So, we at Cingant, a company with mobile app development in Lithuania, has created a list ...

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