Low.js Brings JavaScript to The IoT

How Low .js Brings JavaScript to The IoT?

Published December 03.2018 Posted By Admin

You could be a hobby programmer or a professional and in a struggle with JavaScript taking much space in your RAM? Taking advantage of low.js you can make use of Node.js and lesser system requirements. Keep reading to know how a low.js helps the programmers. Node.js, created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 has been revolutionizing the capacities of JavaScript. Now, there is another way that you can use Node.js with impressively low space requirements. How it helps? Using low.js: enables you to create JavaScript with very less system requirements. It depends on the embeddable JavaScript engine DukTape, whose main focus is port and ...

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Automated Testing & Manual Testing Define by App developer Lithuania

Automated Testing Vs Manual Testing: Pros and Cons

Published November 27.2018 Posted By Admin

In today's digital era when our day-to-day activities depend on several technological attributes, their quality assurance is a prime concern. Here comes the need of bug-free software and apps and a thorough software testing. It hardly matters, which sector you opt for, but presently the majority of industry sectors adopted various application, including mobile technology. When you start testing, one main decision you need to make is, if doing it manually or take the automated mode. Though, neither of the options are better or worse; size, cost and time of a project will definitely determine, which method would meet the project ...

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Google App Engine

Google App Engine Enhances Performance at Reduced Cost

Published November 19.2018 Posted By Admin

Google App Engine is a PaaS Platform which allows developers and businesses to make use of Google's scalable hosting and A 1 Internet service. You need to write applications in Java or Python, store data in Google BigTable and make use of Google query language. Applications that do not comply with the same, must get modified to use the App Engine. This App Engine provides huge infrastructure in comparison to other hosting services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and enables to create scalable applications. In ten years, Google App Engine has evolved with changes and specifications. Let's know about them in ...

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Ionic Framework For PWA

Why Ionic Framework is Gaining Popularity for PWA Development?

Published November 13.2018 Posted By Admin

Created by Google in the year 2015, Progressive web apps or commonly known as PWAs are websites designed with both native mobile applications and traditional websites. The best thing about PWAs is that they can work both offline and online, and incredibly perform that combines the best of websites and mobile applications and easy installation in the user’s device. The offline mode of PWAs ensures both speed and performance and with no delay. PWAs have been used by Flipkart, Alibaba, and Google, among a few to say. To mention, more and more businesses are now building PWAs in place of native ...

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