List of Top Web Development Trends to Watch In 2018

Web Development Trends in Lithuania

Published September 21,2018 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Web development industry is evolving fast and is no secret.  If you were into it, you must have witnessed the rise, fall, and continuation of technologies and web development trends through 2018. The evolving technologies have the potential to keep you at the top of the competition.

Below, we have discussed the crucial web development trends for 2018, keeping the focus on kind of technology that will matter both on the front end and the back end.

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List of Top Trends of Web Development to Watch in 2018:

1) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for conversion rates

AMP is an open-source project created to enhance the performance of advertisements and web content. It is sponsored by Google, with support from Twitter, Bing, Pinterest and more. AMP emerges as a competitor to  Instant Articles of Facebook.

It works well and as per 9 to 5 Google’s poll, users like it.

This offers a benefit like better site speed, more revenue, better user experience, better search results, and with a competitive edge.

Limitations: AMPs might be challenging during implementation and you need a highly professional team for it.

2)Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are with similar functionalities like the native app

PWAs are yet very crucial for web development. The entire concept depends on the evolution of the Internet, with huge adoption of HTML 5. PWAs offer similar functionality and easy user experience to conventional native apps and within the mobile browser.

3) Motion UI is able to make the most boring site interesting

Where, web users want things simple, yet intuitive, there comes in Motion UI. It has the ability to differentiate designs with an even minimal website with that of a brilliant and useful interface. Just you need to do proper research and correct implementation to and have wonderful conversion rates for your website. Motion UI has hovers,  animated charts, background animations, and elegant headers. You can outstand the crowd with Motion UI.

4) The concept of RAIL is on the rise

Response Animation Idle Load or RAIL is a designing concept which started in 2015, but its demand is on rise in 2018 and is expected to go beyond. It comes with faster load time and excellent functioning of the website. Its priority is an excellent user experience. The RAIL concept is essential for web designers who follow a user-centric approach.

5)VR And AR

VR and AR are future-oriented technologies which have the power to change interaction mode with websites. Companies like Samsung, Google and Microsoft are investing good capital in them. With VR, you can offer your users impressive virtual experience.

To say about AR, it gives you an experience of the virtual world in the real while improving user experience. And both the technologies are not only limited to phone apps.

6) Single Page Applications (SPA) comes as a comfortable solution to users

Facebook, Github, and Gmail are the most popular examples of SPAs. An SPA removes the need to reload webpage while being used by loading content through JavaScript. SPAs function within the browser and work naturally. They are liked by users SPAs don’t require extra waiting time and directly renders web pages in a user’s browser.

With these major trends, you can also expect a few more concepts like functional programming and real-time web apps are gaining momentum in 2018 and is expected to remain for long.

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Top Web Development Trends to Watch In 2019



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