Leveraging IoT Advantages in Mobile Application Development

Published January 22,2019 1 year ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Okay, Internet of Things is much talked nowadays in the business sector but it is nothing new just getting revived and enhancing influence as IoT channelizes interaction and communication at every level. The ease to use and increasing demands for an app are the main factors for the growth of IoT app development.

What Internet of Things offers in mobile app development?

Better understanding

IoT connects devices, other, and servers. The devices gather and access data to work incessantly while being in sync with various other equipment and gadgets and gaining better understanding through IoT.  With this information, you can make some real-time decisions and simplify complicated business processes.

Cost saving

IoT helps in boosting the brands and lower expenses of mobile application development. IoT allows app developers for integration of various components in a cost-effective way making the apps more responsive and offering space for innovations. Therefore, IoT saves money.


IoT application increases customer’s involvement by offering amazing user experience and help your employees to work more effectively. IoT is created to make business processes simple and automatic. With mobile application development, IoT can make development process user-friendly with enhanced convenience.


The IoT makes mobile applications interactive in various ways and with farther customization can create wonders. This says, your business app can be updated with IoT functionalities and necessary features.

Advantages of IoT-based Mobile Applications

Competitive edge

Though many companies didn’t take up IoT technology, yet some did to a certain extent. Under such situations, if you take advantage of IoT integration for your business, chances are that you can have a competitive edge over others who didn’t.

Easy customization

With a requirement of a futuristic app to remain ahead in the competition, easy customization is a good advantage. IoT offers you option for easy customization for your business mobile app because developers can easily meet the requirement of connected devices while app developing. The better scopes of ROI comes with ease of implementation, for that the right sense of CX is essential, app development Kaunas by industry leader developers it comes easily and gets reflected in the form of highly appreciated and top-rated reviewed apps in stores.

IoT can look after many of your business requirements, and mobile can connect between systems and IoT technology.

More Security

As IoT deals with several personalized data, security is the main concern for mobile app development. IoT-based mobile application development solutions require more data security.

 Better Integration

IoT gets ready integration with other emerging technologies like VR, AR and Machine Learning. Hence it is easy to integrate futuristic features in the app. But IoT requires specifications for right implementation.


IoT makes the app more convenient for users because the entire IoT network can be used in a hassle-free way in the workplace.

The fact is that IoT is customizable and the technology can touch every domain throughout various industries and sectors, be it in agriculture or healthcare sector, IoT can address all your business needs.

IoT has several advantages, but the main focus will be on improving security aspect because IoT applications are quite vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Some factors to remember when making use of IoT technology.

  • Compatibility of IoT app with standards and licenses of agreements.
  • Better and constant connectivity with Wi-fi or Bluetooth.
  • The IoT network and software must be compatible to handle business operations collectively.
  • Programming frameworks and the choices to make. For instance, if you are working with an iOS-based device connected with external IoT-based hardware either through Bluetooth or Apple Lightning. No matter how you choose the framework, you must be sure that the app must be compatible with the IoT network.

IoT is going to bring out changes in conventional mobile application development methods. With IoT benefits, the business mobile apps can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business processes with the entire workplace, IoT network control at your fingertips.

We offer end-to-end app solutions based on IoT. Regular academic sessions should be a part and parcel of any dev company so stay on the same page with the latest trends. You might be excited to know that among the Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019 lies IoT and its scopes.

So here is the thing, we need to embrace the future and plan the trajectory accordingly? The following data shared by Statista shows the booming device connectivity expected by 2025.

So, be ready, be agile. 

Statistic: Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices installed base worldwide from 2015 to 2025 (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Well, as an app developer in Kaunus our team members are well-versed about this situation and hence plan the whole information architecture and app building scope accordingly.