Know everything about BOT and how it is changing the way we used to purchase online


Published March 27,2018 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Messenger bots are booming. Social platforms are widening up more scopes for the people not only to connect with each other but also to make more money. For Facebook, it happened when they figured out payment collection through Messenger. Now you can make payment directly through messenger.

Before this, you had to check out to the main website to buy stuff and then you made payments through the portal. Now you don’t need to do it.  Let’s check out how bot’s changing the way we used to shop online.

What Bot is actually?

Bots have always been around the technology since the inception. It had shot into popularity after Facebook took the initiative.

Simply put, Bot is how you can order pizzas without actually talking with a real person. It’s an application that performs automated tasks after being specially programmed. It can set alarm, remind you of your upcoming events, tell you the weather or help you searching online.

Siri Cortana and Tay are some of the most popular bots you might have heard of. Now, bots are everywhere. From the one with malicious purpose that comes with virus and crawl through internet to look for web pages to add into. Another comes the one which is designed to keep up the conversation with the users to accomplish a particular task.

How smart is Bot?

Bot is made smarter than any conventional applications. As artificial intelligence keeps getting better, so do the Bots. It was not very long that you can ask Cortona and Siri only what they understand. But it is improving everyday for better response.

Will Bot take over apps?

According to many surveys, people love bots than using apps. They are tired of using multiple apps which sometimes lead them to have slow running device. So, Instead of using so many applications just one bot can be more help in achieving lots of tasks.

 What’s our take?

We seem it to be a very good argument but we don’t see apps would go anywhere down the line. What we see is that in future apps will be more progressive in terms of shedding the flaws making people not liking it and will be more features enriched that people will love to keep them in their device. Whereas, the bot will exist to be more prompt source of online search.