Is Python The Future Of Programming Language?

Python The Future Of Programming Language

Published July 25,2019 8 months ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Is Java dying out? No. But Python is gaining popularity with passing years. Both have own advantages and limitation and each of the technology is worth knowing. Let’s find out more.

Though you learn to code with HTML, to develop a better and sophisticated app or software, you need a more advanced programming language. Both Java and Python are the competing languages, owing to their efficiency and scope for automation. They have their own merits and demerits, with one main difference is that Java is typed statically and Python is typed dynamically.

They have similarities in having brilliant cross-platform support and uses immutable strings and deep libraries. But with their differences, they are in a race against each other and in this race Python is ahead for now. Java has a single large corporate sponsor, whereas Python is better distributed.

What the TIOBE Index says?

The TIOBE Index claims that Python may overtake C and Java as the most popular programming language in the coming years. And in 2019 as well, Python is witnessing an amazing growth.

As per the TIOBE Index, Java leads. It ranks highest in the index consistently, with some drops or slips, at times.  Its overall popularity is stable making it a safer programming language for the developers.

The question is will Java remain at the top? Will it continue to enjoy the status in the coming years? Let’s look at the June TIOBE Index for this year.

TIOBE Index of June 2019

What about June 2019 TIOBE Index that is so different about? Well, the index for the first time witnessed a rate of change of +2.77% for Python and this is for the first time ever.

Also, June has seen -0.36% decline for Java and of -1.64% declines for C.

As per the June index, Groovy and Assembly language also saw some growth, in comparison to 2018 index, Groovy rose higher. This year it occupies the 14th position, and just last year it was at 60.

So will Python rise?

The question remains the same; will Python overtake C and Java in the coming years?

An article by Simon Ritter, on Java he discusses how the programming language is polarizing by nature. He wrote that even after 24 years, Java remains at the top position or near the top of surveys which shows the popularity of Java.

Well, it will be unjustified to say that Python will overtake C and Java as all the languages have a different purpose and own functioning niche. The comparison looks like finding similarities between plum and lemon. A developer coding with Java might not be able to switch all codes into Python, and this keeps Java at the top position.

Every programming language is not interchangeable. For example, Python is the choice of language for data sciences and scientific documentation, and this could be a reason why Python is rising in the chart. Python is now largely used by websites and companies like Reddit, Netflix, and Dropbox.

One more reason, why the prediction may not be fruitful based on how TIOBE gathers data. Their method is dependent on how the programming languages, rank in 25 search engines. This runs the risk of not getting the real-time situation and usage of the languages, outside the search engines.

Is the future with Python or Java?

Both the languages have a strong community and both are open source. This means both the languages enable coders to continuously, fix bugs and updating, and provide a good coding option for future users. As of now, Java tops the chart and Python in among the top 5 programming languages across the globe.

With knowledge in both the languages with fetch, your job in the IT sector. But hard to predict which trend will win and which one will not, in coming years. There will be different projects and varied expectations and Java a better choice for being easy a simpler. But in data science, Python is the language.

Though, there seem chances of Python getting a slightly higher edge over Java in coming times, as new areas are evolving, neither of the languages can be foretold as not perfect, as Java developers are continuously working to make it better throughout time.

What language will be best for you?

It is difficult to suggest which language will be best for you, as both hold promises for the future. Python can be a good choice for the beginners with the language quite intuitive and its syntax much similar to English.  And being open source language, it’s revolutionary and evolving.

Java as well as being an open source language and much evolved one between the two has to offer much. But Java could be your choice towards your want of perfection and attitude towards building your career. Java has consistent code with complex syntax. Therefore, this could be the preference of some, while rest may prefer Python for its flexibility and fluidity.

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