How To Promote A Mobile App Digitally

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Published June 24,2017 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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You had a brilliant new idea which you have successfully converted into an app. Your app is remarkable in all the ways and sure to meet the expectations of your target, but you are faced with another problem, and that is —-no one knows about your app.

Before we talk about the mobile app promotion strategies, let’s know why you should take mobile app promotion seriously.

It would be impossible for you to make your app visible in the overflowing app stores if you do not have a robust strategy in place to promote your app digitally.

Apart from ensuring a prominent presence in the app market, digital promotion broadens the scope of success of your app and makes certain it continues in the long run.

Improve visibility of the app, get more downloads, and if you have a robust revenue generation model, you can multiply your revenue several times.

With successful app promotion, and consequently more users, it is possible to get more ratings and reviews from actual users. The feedback received helps make improvements in the app, which increases usefulness and acceptability of the app.

Mobile app marketing is not easy, but it is possible to achieve success with these tried and test strategies:

App Store Optimization

There are a number of things ASO can do for you which can help you learn if users actually download your app and how well it is accepted.

Positive reviews: The more positive reviews your app gets, the greater its chances are of getting highly ranked in the app search results. It will also indicate how popular your app is. Positive reviews will naturally encourage more customers into downloading your app.

App downloads: It works like a chain reaction. If you manage to get large number of downloads, it will induce more people into downloading your app. But, this should go on, and marketers should work on maintaining steady number of downloads to be at the top of the rankings.

Keyword relevance: By including relevant keywords in title and description, it is possible to get better visibility, and hence, more downloads.

Revenue: Apps with good revenue generation record will get better ranking.

Backlinks: Including backlinks to several relevant pages will help improving ranking of the app.

Social Media: If people are sharing your app or talking about it in social media, it will have better ranking in the app store. For android app, app sharing in G+ helps.

App use: The more people use your app, the better impact it would have on ranking. Even if people open your app accidentally, app rankings will improve considerably.

App Retention: While number of downloads are significant, retention is even more important. If the number of people who install and use your app for more than 30 days is more than the number of people who abandon your app within 30 days of installation, it will have major impact on app rankings in the app stores.

Social Media

There are two ways to promote in social media—- paid and organic. Both are effective when used in the right manner.


There is a cost involved in paid social media promotion, but the results obtained are worth the investment. You app will have better discoverability which will in turn drive organic traffic. Facebook and Instagram are considered the best platforms to promote mobile apps for their wide audience and their ability to identify the type of users you are serving or want to serve and direct your marketing efforts in their direction.


There is no cost involved here. All you need to do is create a profile in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and start following people within your target audience. Post content that is useful and interesting to your prospects to connect in a meaningful way. Being overly promotion will have negative impact.

Create a website

A well designed and informative website helps build trust that your app is the outcome of months of efforts. You can covey more information about the app through your website in the form of images, screenshots, videos and detailed features. Plus, it is possible to let the world know who you are and also about your past and upcoming projects.

Influencer marketing

It is widely used and is very popular because of the positive impact it can create. Hire influencers in your niche with considerable following who would talk and write about your app on various forums such as social media, personal and guest blogs, YouTube channels, news paper and magazine reviews, etc.

Wrapping Up

An app that is created to meet the unaddressed needs of the users and is simple, user friendly, smooth and attractive is sure to strike a chord with the users. Support your app development efforts with these marketing strategies to get as many people as possible to use your app. There are diverse ways of doing mobile app marketing and your success would depend on how well you understand your audience and reach it.