How The New iOS 12 Features Impacts Your iPhone App Development

Published January 16,2019 1 year ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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The release of latest iOS 12 in September 2018 has both overwhelmed and added little worry for iOS app developers.

The reason of overwhelm is that with iOS 12 incorporated devices will have 50% faster keyboard display,  40% faster launch of apps and 70% fast in launching the camera app, can set app limitations, and comes with a new type of USDZ file.

The reason of worry is that with new features there will be new user choices, which will impact business needs, and consequently impact the iOS app development.

Apple’s iOS 12 is critical in the era of Google Pixel 3 launch and updates for Google’s Android Pie, and the developers now have to learn some more things and get adjusted to novel technologies.

Also, Apple has launched several hardware like a 64-bit ARM-based SoC of A12 bionic, which offers speed 15% fast and 40% more energy-efficient in comparison to A11. The bigger screen size is also remarkable hardware. This adds to more task like the iOS developers need to consider app UI with respect to new size of the screen.

The new iOS 12 has various other nice features which we have listed here for you.

List of features that would influence iOS app development in iPhones:

Apple published in its website that with this new iOS SDK, applications are with an advantage of developments in ARKit, Siri, Siri, and henceforth.

Among the various features, the ones for improved performance, bulk notifications, there are essential features which will require support of developers and will influence app development are Siri Shortcuts and ARKit 2.

To know, how they will influence the app development, keep reading.

ARKit 2

Known for its multi-user and consistent AR capabilities, this feature allows developers to utilize world-mapping data bringing users together with shared AR experiences.

A multi-user AR experience can be created by transmission of ARKit world-mapping data between adjacent devices with Multipeer-Connectivity framework to develop shared base for AR experiences. This allows the creation of more objects as a component of AR apps for the users. This enables users to scan real-world objects and include their position and motion into the augmented reality of your app.


We know that Siri is able to foretell shortcuts and recommend them to users, so programmers can code to decide the actions and specify them as relevant to Siri, such that users might use shortcuts of Siri.

With these shortcuts, iPhone app development companies can enhance user interactions with Siri. Users can make access to specific app features from locations like Spotlight search, Lock Screen and Siri watch face. Developers with the application of some conditions can create automated workflows and when users come across the conditions, Siri can recommend an action spontaneously.

Notification Controls

Now iOS app programmers can add control buttons or switches for fast user interaction on getting notifications. With this feature, you can customize app’s looks on notification alerts with an app extension of notification content.

The customized notification interface shows content via notification content app extension, which has a view controller.

How the view controller helps a developer?

  • Customization of placement titles and captions
  • Stylize interface elements with various fonts
  • Addition of customized images for purposes like branding

Network Framework

With this, developers can do networking to send and receive data, with security and transport protocols. With this framework, developers can access protocols like TCP, TLS, and UDP for customization of app protocols.

Discouragement of OpenGL ES

This would affect the companies with graphics and game development business. New iOS 12 comes without OpenGL ES, but apps built with OpenGL ES can run on iOS 12. But, no worries, app developers can utilize Metal, which gives access to modern GPUs on macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices.


Apple is always innovative and the iPhone app developers make the devices more appealing. Now with the launch of new iOS 12, there is new boost in app development with variety of tools for developing user-centric, and captivating iPhone apps.

All the iOS app development company in Vilnius are making sure that they are technologically sound with iPhone app developers who are innovative and good with iOS 12.

What’s your strategy for innovations?