How Laravel Development Service is Ideal Option for your Enterprise Web App?

Laravel Development

Published May 25,2018 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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They say PHP is one of the highest-level performance server side scripting languages and Laravel is its ideal framework for web development. Today, we’re going to discuss about diverse functional constructions of 2017’s buzz triggering framework, Laravel.

Among many strong PHP frameworks, Laravel has always been considered the best one. It’s an open source PHP composed MVC framework with agile features that speed up the web development process. It boasts of simple, secured and fast mechanism tools, powering 20 million web domains.

Why every programmer has a soft corner for Laravel is because it can swipe out frequent development issues in no time. The winning features of Laravel have taken the process of development to the next level, which are going to keep Laravel as the most sought framework language for some years to come. Now, let’s take a look at the amazing features of Laravel-

From last 6 years now, Laravel has been upgraded a lot of times and recently it came up with a 5.5 version. With every update, it’s offering new possibilities in the domain of PHP development.

Well-documented Architecture:

Laravel follows MVC architecture which is well-documented, simple and easy to understand. It has built-in functional mechanism that speed up development architecture.

Pre-installed Templating Engine:

Laravel uses pre-installed templating engine, Blade. It’s a lightweight yet powerful engine. It doesn’t restrict users from using plain PHP code. All Blade views are compiled in plain PHP and it can be cached until they are modified.

Artisan for Command Automation

Artisan is Laravel’s built-in tool for repetitive command line that developers don’t like to write manually. Artisan creates database structure and helps migrates the data easily in the database system. Artisan helps developers to build own commands and acts accordingly.

Pre-installed Libraries:

Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel hosts a number of pre-install object oriented libraries. Authentication library is a popular pre-installed library that has interesting features like Bcrypt algorithm, HTTP authentication, login controlling, checking active users and Cross Site Request Forgery Protection.

Data-Base Migration:

Data base migration in Laravel never requires database recreation every change. And this is why developers don’t any data.  Anecdotally, Laravel uses Bcrypt for encrypting database passwords. This is by no means making Laravel the best of its kind.

Dedicated Package Dependency Manager:

Laravel has dedicated package dependency manager for third-party installations and upgradations. It helps developers to easily manage and update different third party library packages. It’s a one-off library dependency manager that will allow you to install, update and even uninstall library setting.


Unit-testing is another love point why developers falling for Laravel. It runs multiple step-by-step testing to ensure the changes done by the programmers are error-free and don’t break the web development construction.


Security is a major concern of all developers. Every developer needs to take authenticated steps to ensure the data construction done for the development is secured. But in the case of Laravel, it takes care of the security through its own framework. It uses Bcrypt hashing to store user passwords and generate encrypted representation of the password.

Wrapping up:

All these above mentioned features of Laravel make the development process smooth like a developer’s dream. These traits are almost missing in other frameworks, making Laravel the most coveted framework for PHP. The framework is dynamic, classic and offers developers to create their own infrastructure specific to the application model.

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