How an Ecommerce App Can Help Your Business?

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Published October 14,2019 6 months ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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The terminologies like Shopaholic, Shopping Spree, Fashionista, have all made way and with all pleasure, let’s thanks to the various social media platforms for leveraging the fact that people love to buy, irrespective of time and place. And what could be convenient to the 24/7 shoppers? An eCommerce app! With a touch of digitalization, many offline stores are trying their luck online and are witnessing immense success. And smartphones have made eCommerce easy and fast.

Let’s see what statistics and data have to say:

  • Predictions say that the digital buyers will reach the count by 2 billion at the end of 2019.
  • The retail e-commerce sales globally are expected to go over $3.45 trillion in 2019.
  • Back in 2018, the retail e-commerce sales grew to the mark of 23.3 %.
  • There is an expected fast growth in retail e-commerce in Indonesia and India.
  • China holds a 1st position in the global e-commerce market.

Why you need an eCommerce app for your business?

Mobile users exceed among the internet users and spend most time scrolling their phone, most of the time, the eCommerce apps. In the year 2018, the m-commerce business alone crossed revenue of about $460 billion.

We are an app development company in Lithuania and here we bring you this blog to tell about the benefits of e-commerce app and how it can help your business.

Today about 80% of users prefer to use an app instead of using websites for shopping. This says how mobile apps can help your business.

Irrespective of what kind of application you are using, if you don’t provide an appropriate interface to your users, they won’t like it. To exemplify Myntra offers one of the best engagement with shoppers and a very good buying experience. Just you need to take reference from others before you create an intuitive app. When a customer downloads your app, know that he liked it or is convinced by the offerings.

A few surveys reported that most app users tend to visit your online store within a month for purchase. You may wonder, how mobile apps have such a good customer retention rate? The simple reason is that mobile apps show personalized suggestions based on gender, age, and preferences.

What are the essential features that your eCommerce app must have?

Here we tell you how to make a viable app that will be loved by consumers. Let’s see what you must do.

The design must be simple and minimal

Users always prefer a 360-degree solution to their every concern and with a minimalistic approach. Any complicated design is not liked by people. So what can make your app stand out? So what you must provide is an app with easy to understand interface to make your apps wonderful. Therefore, you must offer a well-rounded application to your users.

Integration with Social Media

With social media integrated apps, sing-up and log-ins get easier and fast. Also with the option to share the products that you view or purchase with your friends and family, allow your app to gain market traction.

Content matters a lot

Now content is an essential aspect of everything. So what is contained in an e-commerce app? Well, content means the images which give a proper idea about the product. To get better customer visits you must have good quality images.

Safety and security

When you are using an eCommerce app, there will be a transfer of a huge amount of data. here your safety and security play an important role. Important information like debit and credit card details, office or home address must be kept safe and without any scope of breaches.

Fast and easy checkouts 

Once everything is done, people will love to have a smooth checkout. For this, you must provide various options for the transaction. Integration of mobile wallet would be a preferred choice.

E-Commerce trends that you must adopt


Chatbots have evolved a lot within a short time and have become integral to many apps. They help you with contextual understanding and resolve your queries with an app-messenger. Even they can provide personalized offers to customers and help them in the process of purchase.

Big Data

A big contribution to eCommerce booming up is the Big data. This uses all the algorithms and helps you put fashion and trends upfront and give a winning edge. Also, you can use data to learn about the various prices set by your competitors.

AR or Augmented Reality

AR has come out of time and been a help in many sectors.  It is a technology that brings unrealistic objects in your device.

Recommendation Engine

This is a collection of algorithms that analyses a user’s behavior, which includes searches in Google, ads that you view, and your social media activities to learn user choices and preferences.  This data issued later for personalized suggestions for products.

Cloud Computing

Everybody wants a fast application and fast mode of getting the app. What could be better than cloud computing for developer’s ease and testers’ relieve? Yes, cloud computing helps.

Final thoughts

So today’s blog on the necessity of eCommerce app and how it can help your business must be of good help to you. Hope you get all the required information.  It is always recommended to get your app developed by trustworthy companies.

Looking to get your eCommerce app? Then you are on the right page. You can get connected to our mobile app development team and have your customized app.