Here is what it takes to create a great digital product

Published July 21,2017 3 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Apps and online services are bringing value to a large number of people for their consistent problem solving capabilities in a meaningful manner. These products enjoy the trust and loyalty of their users for this reason. Clearly, the users find the product useful and think the providers are doing a pretty good job. So, what does it take to create a digital product that hits the target audience accurately?

There are numerous things that go into the development of a quality digital product. The first thing to begin with is in depth planning and research. This you need to do before designing your product. It begins with laying out the plan and examining if your concept makes sense. Your product can garner mainstream attention when you offer innovative solutions that no one ever imagined. Research paves the way for creating a meaningful product and reduces the risk of creating a product that no one wants.

  1. What matters most?
  2. The problem and its solution/s.

Identify an existing problem and understand if it is worth solving. This is the business opportunity. Come up with a solution that can effectively address the problem and make sure that the audience likes the solution and considerable demand can be generated for it. The solution should make a change in the customer’s lives so much so that that they love it and use it frequently. There is also question of feasibility of the solution offered with the market in which it is to be launched, which needs to be tested.

  1. What should be the product like?
  2. Whether a website, an e-book, an app or anything else a digital product should bring instant gratification to the users.

To achieve this, the product should have a user-centric design, which means it should have a convenient user interface and allows simple navigation. In short simplicity should be embraced at every step of designing. Users should be able to get what they want in few simple steps.

Allow the best on boarding experience to your users. Right from the first use, make sure your digital product launches quickly, and from that very instant never keep them waiting. Test it several times to ensure high performance every time.

Make your digital secure, especially, if it uses and stores user information. A meaningful product will cease to have any use for the users if it fails on the security parameters. So, consider security a primary requirement.

Offer personalization options to your users. They would love it. Allow flexibility in settings like fonts, colours, size, etc. Let your product look and work the way they want. It helps spark positive sentiments and makes your product more preferable than anything similar.

Update your digital product regularly with relevant information and newer and more useful features. Fix problems that arise immediately. Only regularly updated digital products survive.

  1. How do I reach the audience?
  2. Use a clever strategy across all marketing platforms.

Have a website? Use it to promote your product. If you don’t have, it is important that you build one. Include the link to your digital product such as an app. Create social media account or if you already have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profile promote your product there. Post and repost content about your product on these profiles to reach maximum prospective users.

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram to get exposure to customers who are similar to your target customer. It is the best way to increase your user base.

Reviews help. Hire influencers in your niche to speak and write about your product on various platforms. Ask your users to review and share your product, if they like the experience.

Publish content on your blog such as write-ups, photos, videos, etc. announcing the launch of your product and share it on all popular platforms.

Use SEO to get top rankings in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. If your product is an app, you would need to promote your app in app stores with App Store Optimization,

Last Words:

It is not easy to create a digital product that is readily embraced by the users and remains meaningful and popular in the long run. Yet, to craft a beautiful digital product we need to work out a full proof strategy to have one. So, think and think again, till you have on the table all what it takes to create a great digital product