Chatbot, The Game Changer in 2017

Published March 12,2017 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Chatbots are a chat systems with artificial intelligence. So as it is said in this platform user will chat with a robot instead of a real human being

What are the utilization?

  1. It allows user to perform certain task without the need of actual human, and the work will be performed instantly and flawlessly.
  2. Searches data through the internet, maintain the records and make those data s available at the decision making point
  3. For spontaneous purchases without long search, mobile-commerce with visual search and chatbot to communicate with customers
  4. just for the fun or pass the time

Chatbot, The Game Changer in 2017

How can it be a Game changer?

Suppose that you are a startup company and you need someone to handle customer support, but you are unable to hire any person at this moment.

Now you found out that you can hire a robot absolutely free of cost and it not only support your customer but also can do much more like suggests product, ease the e-commerce, and all over ease the transaction of the communication.

Let us then introduce to you Chatbot, which can achieve all that and much more.

The most fun part is any user, I mean any kind of user, nor necessary to be coder, can configure a Chatbot from any free client. Facebook messenger is popular and free to configure Chatbot client, and you just need to have an Facebook account to manage this.

Now coming back to the topic How can it be a game changer, then lets explain it with an example.

Suppose in one fine morning you wanted to buy a pair of shoe. Normally what you would do? You would to go to some online shop, search for your product, look if the size matches and if the color is and then check if it is under your budget. And if you any how manage to do all, there is a chance that there might be a more suitable product in the same site.

Now lets explain the same situation with a Chatbot. Same fine morning user will open his/her Facebook account go to the Shop client page on Facebook, suppose Nike. Then click the message bot to and come to the chat. Start a normal chat the bot will humbly greet you, it will also suggest you some products by default. You simple write down your requirement like you are writing to one of your friend and the bot will give you results and then you select the option of your choice from same chat box and also you can buy it. Keeping in mind all this happening to same window so you can chat with some other friend if you like do some other stuff on Facebook, post comment whatever and at the same time you just bought a pair of shoes.

From the company perspective they did not even spend a penny for this task. Its effortless its fast and at the same time flawless.

So its a win win situation for both the parties.

This is how Chatbot now a days changing the game of customer communication or user interaction. Do not take my word for it. BBC, CNN, Weather Forecast etc many big companies uses it and implement the bot as per their requirement.