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Age-Responsive Design & Development

Reasons to Opt for Age-Responsive Designing and Development

Published December 10.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

Age-responsive designing and development are gaining grounds and this not only concentrates on the site's appearances, but how it functions, the type of content it displays, and how useful it is for users. Just talking about age-responsive designs, it is going to be a huge deal breaker, not only from sales opportunity. It would serve the users first, and then comes the marketers. To understand the target audience is significant to develop a site, but simply targeting the audience is not all, the age-responsive design gives new user experiences. We are a company for app development and designing in Lithuania and ...

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Why a web design company will always be a better choice over a freelancer

Published July 23.2017 Posted By Justinas Danis

With a web design company you can access the best skills, latest technology, quality infrastructure and a team that will be dedicated to your project. Compared to freelancers, web design companies are expensive, but once you hire an experienced company with proven track record, you can expect the best results. Before you hire a web design company learn about the benefits you can derive compared to hiring a freelancer: A company is a powerhouse of specialists where your project is divided into parts. These parts are assigned to the concerned specialists who work on their assigned tasks and polish them ...

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Vilnius The Start-Up Hub Of Eastern Europe with Cingant Lithuania

What Is Making Vilnius The Start-Up Hub Of Eastern Europe

Published June 30.2017 Posted By Justinas Danis

While London and Berlin continue to be the most preferred destination for big tech players, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has gained prominence as a hotspot for startups over the past few years owing to the great advantages it offers. The city has taken huge leaps towards becoming the EU’s leading technological hotspot, offering a range of advantages due to government support, advanced IT infrastructure, low taxes for startups, business-friendly regulations and favorable relocation conditions. Easy availability of resources like funding, incubation space and talent add to the growth and expansion of the network of startups. The country has been already ...

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E-Commerce Sales Growth tips

6 Interesting Ways To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

Published June 14.2017 Posted By Justinas Danis

E-commerce is now the ‘new-age’ way of doing retail business. From electrical appliance to groceries, digitization of the markets have changed the way people chose items and purchased them. For buyers there are more options than ever, and for established and aspiring entrepreneurs the prospects are more than ever. Every day there are new entrants to the e-commerce sector, and the competition to survive and grow is becoming tougher by the day. If you already have an e-commerce store or plan to have one you have to have a powerful strategy to generate sales. You have to market your e-commerce store ...

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