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Here is what it takes to create a great digital product

Published July 21.2017 Posted By Justinas Danis

Apps and online services are bringing value to a large number of people for their consistent problem solving capabilities in a meaningful manner. These products enjoy the trust and loyalty of their users for this reason. Clearly, the users find the product useful and think the providers are doing a pretty good job. So, what does it take to create a digital product that hits the target audience accurately? There are numerous things that go into the development of a quality digital product. The first thing to begin with is in depth planning and research. This you need to do before ...

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10 new jobs that technology has created in last 10 years

Published July 20.2017 Posted By Justinas Danis

The birth of facebook, twitter, and smart phones in the second half of the last decade changed not only the way we communicated, but everything from our thought process to the way we make decisions. The enormous technological development induced sweeping changes around us and nothing remained the same including the way people earned their living. Ten years later, we see jobs that never existed a decade ago.  But, this is not the end and there will be more changes as technology evolves. We are already witnessing artificial intelligence and robotics doing unbelievable things. A study reveals 65% of primary school ...

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