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Leveraging IoT Advantages in Mobile Application Development

Published January 22.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

Okay, Internet of Things is much talked nowadays in the business sector but it is nothing new just getting revived and enhancing influence as IoT channelizes interaction and communication at every level. The ease to use and increasing demands for an app are the main factors for the growth of IoT app development. What Internet of Things offers in mobile app development? Better understanding IoT connects devices, other, and servers. The devices gather and access data to work incessantly while being in sync with various other equipment and gadgets and gaining better understanding through IoT.  With this information, you can make some real-time ...

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How The New iOS 12 Features Impacts Your iPhone App Development

Published January 16.2019 Posted By Justinas Danis

The release of latest iOS 12 in September 2018 has both overwhelmed and added little worry for iOS app developers. The reason of overwhelm is that with iOS 12 incorporated devices will have 50% faster keyboard display,  40% faster launch of apps and 70% fast in launching the camera app, can set app limitations, and comes with a new type of USDZ file. The reason of worry is that with new features there will be new user choices, which will impact business needs, and consequently impact the iOS app development. Apple’s iOS 12 is critical in the era of Google Pixel 3 launch ...

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Google App Engine

Google App Engine Enhances Performance at Reduced Cost

Published November 19.2018 Posted By Justinas Danis

Google App Engine is a PaaS Platform which allows developers and businesses to make use of Google's scalable hosting and A 1 Internet service. You need to write applications in Java or Python, store data in Google BigTable and make use of Google query language. Applications that do not comply with the same, must get modified to use the App Engine. This App Engine provides huge infrastructure in comparison to other hosting services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and enables to create scalable applications. In ten years, Google App Engine has evolved with changes and specifications. Let's know about them in ...

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