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Published November 06,2018 1 year ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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In the next few minutes, you will be either, amazed, amused, frightened, or lost in thoughts on knowing about future predictions of the near future of AI.

PwC has revealed a report in an Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC), this year, held in Tianjin, China. PwC reported 8 essential AI predictions for the future which would shape various business strategies. PwC carried out own research and experiences to write the report, about the future that AI holds for an exciting and at times, anxiety-creating technology.

The 8 near- future predictions for Artificial Intelligence:

  1. AI is to challenge the employers before impacting employment

It’s widely predicted AI to impact employment, but before it happens, AI would impact the employers, says the report.

PwC says that the organizations willing to embrace AI must work hard in bringing teams and data together from various disciplines. But most of the businesses have both data and people in discrete silos, and not available for agile collaboration. Also, employees must have fundamental AI skills to work effectively. PwC says that several enterprises aren’t ready to fulfill the demands of AI.

  1. AI to answer critical questions about data

It could be about mainframe or a vacuum cleaner, since the earliest days, they were sold showing a wise investment choice. Yet with newer opportunities, many technological investments started appearing like a burden. PwC report says, this going to change due to AI.

Much of the AI’s ability would reduce unnecessary task or noise that affects IT projects, like data cleaning and making an audit of assets. PwC says that with data-driven AI solutions well-equipped work cycle can be carried out, without waste of time.

  1. Non-techie, functional specialists, would decide the AI talent race

One thing that could happen is an alteration in conventional roles and responsibilities and in a way uncoupling itself from the computer scientists. Though the makers of algorithms and AI engines would be important there will be need of domain experts for success.

With this, there will be need of subject experts and business managers requiring to upskill and be trained, as they would sooner take over the AI engineers and technical experts in terms of value they just need to understand the data and its visualization.

  1. AI will enter through the backdoor

It has been greatly hyped that AI would lead to such development that could turn the world upside down, but the truth is far different.

The evolved AI would remove several time-consuming and repetitive tasks from various job roles. The two most profit would be time and innovation. Will pave a way to more engagement in necessary tasks and more new findings.

  1. There will be powerful Cyberattacks and also cyberdefense

Cybercrime is not unknown to us. But it is the question of how intense would be then.  Hackers have various high tech and AI is going to add more fuel. Whether this would be an attack of ransomware, intelligent malware, machine intelligence in the coordination of global cyber attacks, or expert data analytics who can customize intelligent attacks, PwC says they are all in a way. The only hope is if the organizations can give a counter-attack.

  1. Opening AI’s black box will become significant

There will be subsequent pressure to open up AI ‘black boxes’ and seek explanations. Organizations must have frameworks in place to analyze performance, business, reputational and regulatory concerns while deciding the right level of AI-related transparency.

  1. Nations will race over AI

AI is a new and innovative technology and it could lead to a race for space among the nations. The expectation would be economic gains on a huge scale. Several governments would work hard to ensure that their respective countries get a better share.

UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, and the UAE all have exquisite AI plans. The USA with several tax-reform and initiatives for deregulation will give the nation, a boost in the AI sector. Presently, AI stands at the top among all, prioritizing its role in the economic future.

The web development in Lithuania also has a bright future, with Lithuania being one of the nations who are enthusiast about accepting new technologies and making them work.

  1. The tech companies alone won’t have the entire pressure for a responsible AI

It is obvious that AI will get access to huge personal data and fear is expressed about unregulated and unrestricted intrusion in people’s lives. But according to Pwc, there is a global consensus being formed on responsible usage of AI.

AI along with Big Data, IoT, and Blockchain are gaining significance as the best emerging IT trends. And with that, every nation is trying best to reap benefits and the scenario with mobile app development in Lithuania is no different.
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