All About The Money You Can Make Through App Making

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Published September 08,2018 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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As people are becoming more mobile friendly, more apps are coming to the market. App development is a money making business. You can earn in dollars. But know that, all apps don’t fetch money. If you wish to get good through your apps, we tell here, what to be done. Keep reading to know more. The mobile market is steadily growing over years and as experts predicts more growth. If you are new, want to enter the market or have some cool app idea, you must wonder what would be the profit. Building app is a tedious task but definitely will deserve a reward.

Know the platforms that help to make the highest money for app developers

You should decide which platform you want to create your own app for. This can enhance your potentiality as an app developer and also help you grow popular. The Android platform and Apple’s iOS platforms are good providers and big names. Some of the recent app developers have started to recruit mobile app marketing experts to help them fill the gap. Platforms which are not much favorable to app makers are BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile platform. When an app becomes the winner, it can be easily ported to different platforms as well.

What type of revenue do apps generate?

There’s no denying to it. Apps make big business. Among the various apps, the Gaming ones are dominating the list.  Most gaming apps can be downloaded free, but money is made via in-app purchases. No worries, if you are not a game designer, Tinder and Netflix occupy the top charts, so be hopeful.

What about subscription apps?

With more than 46 million users, Tinder is an exemplary earning pp via in-app purchases. The download is free but making money by charging for additional features.  “Boost” app allows users to put their profile on the top of the several registered in that area. Bumble is just closer with 22 million users and a year’s growth rate which is 60% higher than Tinder’s. But, the difference is that Bumble allows women to start a conversation using the app, and also initiating some related apps for networking and friendship.  On a lesser scale, the privately owned app can also generate revenue.

Apps are not just for mobile phones

Apps now diversified from the regular cellular platforms and have taken up smart devices that made way into the market. To mention here, the apps that work in Smart TVs are best to be used for medium and have a huge existing user from Hulu and Netflix. O this context, best we can tell about the Smart TVs and you can develop apps, keeping the same in mind.

How much money can be earned through making apps

Here is essential the right platform to choose.

The gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4,  Xbox One, and Wii U has own stories. Several apps are there on various platform, which includes including Hulu, Youtube,  Netflix, and Amazon. Some apps, are somewhat unique to the consoles like Spotify and BBC to PS4. A new platform where you can pay attention to is that of the smartwatches. And as wearables are emerging, app developers can count their future in them too.

What’s new in app development?

With several current opportunities, many more new avenues are coming up. The app market is a substantial growing place and with experience, there is no slow down. Though the market is quite saturated, its promising too. With a growing market of smart devices, there is more expansion to growth and avenue. We will update with the latest developments in the field of app development and the market trends. If there are any DevOps tool which you are fond of and we didn’t mention, leave in the comment section below. If you are looking for app development agency Lithuania, we are here to help you. Our team of app developers Lithuania, with years of experience in the industry can help you with the various aspects of mobile app development. At our mobile app development agency Lithuania, we are adaptable to new changes and is adequately competent to deliver the best of results within time.