After Mobility Era, AI Will Dominate The Technology World

artificial intelligence

Published June 04,2017 3 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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Fred Wilson’s recent statement aptly describes the point of transformation the tech world is going through. Wilson said, “Because we’ve finally reached the point where it’s working and working really well. It’s going to really touch every aspect of technology in the way that mobile did over the past five, ten years.”

Yes, artificial intelligence has now become reality and most of us are using it without even knowing.

Where we’ve been

Every ten or fifteen years, computing world witnesses a revolution. Thanks to the technical advances backed by favorable economics. It changes the mainstream culture; new habits are developed which transform the way people think and act. New business are developed surrounding these changes and the ones that cannot adapt to the change eventually perish.

What does it mean?

The end of a revolution does not imply the death of the technology that initiated it. The end of mobility revolution only means the technology is so widespread that it is available to all, and is somewhat taken for granted.

In that way we can say the mobile revolution is a thing of the past.

How it will impact us?

Each of the revolutions liberated us in unimaginable ways. The PC empowered domestic users with the power of computing which had remained confined to the realms of the companies and large players, the internet freed information and made accessible to anyone possessed a computer and a telephone line.

The smartphone made the ‘static’ PC and Internet go mobile, and fit in our pockets.


AI will make our life extremely convenient with multiple devices doing things on our behalf, in the background, round the clock. It would mean a lot more and the terms like “smart” devices or “digital assistants” won’t suffice to explain how groundbreaking and extensive this revolution will be.

It will be much more than a washing machine that knows to turn itself off, or electric system that activates upon sensing your presence. The future holds more than what we are seeing now.

The future

Already, there is smart devices are flooding the consumer electronic fares. From smart gadgets to robots, and everything in between that have now been in the picture for some time, create a picture of the future. Plus, one cannot deny the fact that all big tech companies are investing big bucks in these projects, giving more strength to our anticipation that a lot is in the offing in the near future.