10 new jobs that technology has created in last 10 years

Published July 20,2017 2 years ago Posted By Justinas Danis

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The birth of facebook, twitter, and smart phones in the second half of the last decade changed not only the way we communicated, but everything from our thought process to the way we make decisions. The enormous technological development induced sweeping changes around us and nothing remained the same including the way people earned their living.

Ten years later, we see jobs that never existed a decade ago.  But, this is not the end and there will be more changes as technology evolves. We are already witnessing artificial intelligence and robotics doing unbelievable things. A study reveals 65% of primary school entrants will be employed in types of jobs that we are completely unaware at present.

It is interesting to see a large part of workforce engaged in completely new types of employment. Here is a list of 10 such jobs that are the direct result of technological developments:

  1. Mobile application developer

The advent of iPhone and Android phones in the last part of the past decade opened the big and mighty world of mobile applications that truly established the meaning of smart phones. Soon, these applications became an active and essential part of our lives as we began to depend on them to accomplish both small and big tasks.

It is no surprise that more than half of the adult population across the globe owns a smart phone, now, and there are more than  2.8 million apps in Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple’s app store as of March 2017 (Source: Statista). This clearly reveals the huge demand for mobile apps and consequently the app developers.

  1. App based cab drivers

Uber, Ola, Meru…. and the list of app based transport services goes on. While we can’t do without them now, ten years ago we had not imagined about them. Around the globe the companies are recruiting more and more drivers owing to the huge demand for the various transport services offered by these companies.

  1. Driverless car mechanics, enegineers and software developers

The driverless cars are now reality, and are waiting to be incorporated into the transportation system of major cities. With this brand new technology, we will witness a huge work force of mechanics, engineers and software engineers dedicate to serving vehicles in the near future.

  1. Cloud Computing Specialists

The concept of cloud computing was first introduced by Eric Schmidt of Google in 2006, and it is now used by millions of big and small companies all over the world. After ten years, engineers, managers and strategists in cloud computing now play valuable roles in organizations.

  1. Social media strategist

Ten years ago, social media had just come into existence and most people were still becoming familiar with facebook and twitter. Businesses were yet to realize the power of social media as a strong marketing platform, and so, the need for social medial manager had not been felt then. In 2017, no business can ignore social media making a social media strategist an indispensable part of any organization.

  1. Big data experts

Applications and smart phones allowed companies to accumulate enormous volumes of data which is something that had not happened before. By processing and analyzing the data companies can take intelligent business decisions. With 40% increase in data volume, big data analysts or data experts are in great demand.

  1. UAVoperators

Drones are considered ideal for surveillance and are in demand everywhere creating more jobs for operators for these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs.

  1. YouTube video blogging

YouTube was created in 2005, and with it started the concept of video blogging which allowed people to create their own video content and publish on public platform. YouTube blogging is now a career and successful bloggers earn in millions through sponsorships and advertisements.

  1. Millennial Generational Expert

In the last 10 years millennials have joined the work force and form a major part of the work force. Millennial Generational Experts help organizations understand the youngest employees and build a loyal and efficient work force.

  1. Sustainability manager

Sustainability managers are employed by businesses to help them take environment friendly decisions manner and use their resources in sustainable manner because of the growing awareness about the environment.